How to publish a book?

Are you writing a book and want to publish it? Or is it long ago written and waiting in the drawer for a good moment? If so, don’t delay! Publish your book today. How to publish a book?

Did you know that Harry Potter’s manuscript before the book was published rejected as many as 12 publications? It was similar with EL James (Erika Mitchell), the author of the famous erotic novel 50 Faces of Gray. First, she published it herself in the form of an ebook (the book was rejected by 99 publishers, and only a hundred risked – Vintage Books). You can also take the risk and become one of the most recognizable authors.

Self-publishing without secrets

Publishing a book is not an easy task, especially for those who are new to the industry. Records proposed in traditional publishing contracts are difficult to negotiate and do not always work in the author’s favor. Self-publishing gives authors more options. They no longer have to rely on an agent or publisher. In self-publishing, the author decides about his book, its publication, sale and his earnings.

The author is the publisher of the book and sets the price himself. Retains full rights to its publication. It also decides about the profit it will achieve from its sale. If it finds a group of readers, it can count on an extremely attractive fee.

How to start?

Whatever you write – short stories, poems or biographies, you can publish it with the help of companies such as who help authors to appear on the publishing market. It is thanks to companies such as that independent authors can start their writing career.

How to publish a book?

Vanity press

Vanity press, which is publishers publishing books for the author’s money or co-financing the issue, when the author and publisher share the costs. What does it mean? You incur partial costs for the publishing process – proofreading and editing, cover preparation, distribution, promotion. Due to the fact that books published this way do not undergo such selection as in the traditional way, it has been accepted that they are works of lower quality and not as recognized or prestigious as those published by the traditional way.

The problem with this method of publication is distribution and promotion. Companies specializing in co-financing offer to deal with the distribution and promotion of the book, which is a tempting solution for a novice author. The problem, however, lies in fulfilling the terms of the contract. Therefore, it is worth before using this option to browse the shelves in bookstores and look for books of a given publishing house and look for online book reviews or sponsored entries that would indicate promotional activities.

Traditional publisher

Traditional publications on their websites provide information for writers who would like to publish their novel with them. Typically, publishers ask for the following:

  • A short note about the author
  • Summary of the novel
  • Information on the number of characters with spaces
  • Information on who the recipient of the novel is (target group)
  • The whole or a specific fragment of the novel

Some of this information can already be included in the email to the publisher. Imagine being an editor at a publishing house that has a lot of work. What will make you open an email? Don’t cut your chances right away. If you are interested in the editor at the beginning, already giving in the e-mail a short one-sent summary of the novel, you will inform who the text is directed to and its volume, encourage him to open the file and read the first few pages.



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