How long is a dog pregnant?

Reproduction in dogs is completely different than in humans. Many owners cannot recognize the different condition of their pets because they have no idea how many months the dog’s pregnancy lasts and what are its first symptoms. A swollen bitch will definitely need help, so it’s a good idea to get some information on this topic. How long is a dog pregnant?

Pregnancy in a dog lasts about 2 months, specifically about 58-63 days. Sometimes, it is initially completely asymptomatic, so a different state remains a mystery until the appearance of bulges in the lower abdomen of the quadruped. How is your dog getting pregnant day by day?

Sexual maturity and pregnancy in a dog

A dog’s first pregnancy is only possible after he or she reaches puberty. This in turn is conditioned by race. The ability to breed at the earliest is achieved by dogs of small or medium breeds, e.g. yorkies, dachshunds or small mongrels. Willingness to give birth to puppies is manifested by the first liquid that usually appears in small dogs between 7 and 12 months of age. In medium and large breeds this period is longer and the heat may appear even in the 24th month of life.

Sexual maturity alone is not sufficient to have children. Bitches with the first heat are not always physically mature enough to take the hardship of motherhood and childbirth. In such situations, you are waiting for the moment when they reach the so-called breeding maturity, i.e. they will be able to give birth to healthy dogs without any obstacles. The appropriate time for fertilization is 2nd or 3rd heat.

How long is a dog pregnant?

How can you tell if your dog is pregnant?

What are the signs of pregnancy in a dog? The signs of pregnancy in the dog are not visible to the owner at the initial stage. The bitch may become more “tired”, a slight decrease in appetite may be observed, vomiting may also occur, however these symptoms are not always present.

In the second trimester, pregnancy becomes apparent. The bitch’s belly is getting bigger and the mammary glands are thickening and getting darker. Such symptoms are also caused by a delusional pregnancy in a dog, so it is important to do an ultrasound to make sure that the bitch is actually pregnant.

In the last stage, the pregnancy of the dog is quite obvious. The bitch has increased appetite, weight increases and the belly is large.

At the end of pregnancy, colostrum appears in the glands, which is the first puppy food.

How to determine the date of delivery?

At the moment when we suspect that the bitch may be pregnant or have deliberately led to mating or insemination (artificial insemination), we should go to the vet with the bitch as soon as possible.

When it is possible, pregnancy should be confirmed with appropriate tests and the veterinarian should know what the course of pregnancy is, how long it lasts, how our pet’s behavior will change and how to care for her. It is also very important to set the date of delivery, but it is not always possible.



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