How often should you wash your hair?

Among the most frequently asked questions about the sphere of care, the podium undoubtedly includes “how often do you wash your hair?”. There has been a dispute for many years about whether they can be washed daily or whether they should be done much less often. The truth, as always, lies in the middle. How often should you wash your hair?

What hair shampoo should you choose?

In the discussion about the frequency of hair washing, the equally important, if not the most important aspect of choosing the right cosmetics for their care is very often omitted. The most common errors are the use of improperly matched shampoos and their abuse. They can deprive your hair of elasticity, weaken hair follicle structures, and result in faster greasy hair and even excessive hair loss.

Such preparations should primarily be tailored to your individual needs and to the type of hair you have and the type of skin on your head. The so-called natural hair washing. This can be achieved thanks to cosmetics based on natural ingredients that have a beneficial effect on hair follicles.

How often should you wash your hair?

How often do you wash your hair?

This fundamental question … there is no clear and simple answer. The frequency with which you should wash your hair depends on really many factors. First of all, the type of scalp and its current condition are important, as well as what type of hair you have and what is their current condition. The tendency to excessive sebum production as well as drying of the skin is also important here. How often you wash your head also depends on how you eat, whether you have time for a morning shower, what work you do, or, for example, in which environment you usually stay.

It’s good to use common sense here. Hair can be washed often, provided it is obviously required. When you feel that they are no longer fresh, just wash them. If they are healthy, and therefore not too dry or oily, you can wash them even two or three times a week.

Daily hair washing and oily hair

Do you have a tendency to oily hair? To enjoy a fresh and fluffy hairstyle, many online “specialists” will probably recommend you daily head washing. However, there has also been a different opinion for years – the more you wash your hair, the more greasy it is. Which of the parties to this conflict is therefore right? In fact, both … but just a tad.

In fact, if washing your hair too often is your habit, it may harm you. However, this happens not by the care process itself, but by what cosmetics you use for it. If you want to wash your hair every day, definitely give up on aggressive shampoos that contain strong detergents in the form of SLS or SLES. Although they are great for removing dirt, too frequent use can contribute to flushing out the natural lipid layer. Such skin becomes irritated and dry. For this reason, the body then activates its defense system and – in order to moisturize the epidermis – produces even more sebum.



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