If you are creating a wedding album photo page on your family site, you will want to make this as beautiful as possible. You will want to showcase the best moments of your wedding, including when valves are exchanged, the cutting of the cake, and when you leave to go on your honeymoon. There will likely be hundreds of different pictures, all of which will capture some special moment on the wedding day. By placing these online, this will allow people to see your special occasion, sharing it with whoever can find you on the Internet. Although this is typically reserved for family members and friends, you might also want to SEO optimize your website so that it can be found. If that is the case, the following tips will help you prepare your website so that it will easily rank on the search engines.

Why Would You Want To SEO Optimize Your Online Wedding Album?


From a personal perspective, you may want to do so because you want everyone to know what a special day that was. If someone types in keywords related to weddings, specifically in your area, they may find your wedding photos. From a business perspective, you might be a wedding photographer, and you want to showcase pictures that you have taken at weddings which you have permission to market. For all of these reasons and much more, there are easy ways to optimize a website that is displaying photos from a wedding.

Different Methods For Presenting Your Pictures Online


The website that you create that will display wedding photos can be done in a couple of different ways. First of all, you may want to post everything like a blog, creating a post for different portions of the wedding, each with multiple pictures and captions. The other way that you can create a wedding album online is to use a theme that can display your pictures similar to what you would see on Pinterest. In fact, there are plug-ins that you can use with WordPress blogs that will display pictures in this manner, or you can even pull the pictures from your Pinterest account onto the website.

How To Optimize A Wedding Album Online


Optimizing this type of website will require you to add unique content, such as the captions underneath each picture explaining who is there and what is going on. Of course, you are going to have images on each page, and you may also have videos that you can also display. Once you have several pages of with pictures, you will want to interlink all of these together. This can be done with a script or plug-in, or you can manually add hyperlinks. If you are serious about getting top rankings, then you will want to link out to other websites that have weddings displayed that are ranking for the keywords you are targeting. This will help you achieve a top position for your website as well. One other thing that you ought to consider doing is getting links on other wedding album websites. Some of them have places where you can post links from their website to yours. If you do this consistently, you will start to move higher in the search engine listings, and may eventually have number one listings for your online wedding album.

Why You Should Optimize Wedding Photos On A Website


If you do optimize both the pages and the images, you will likely be doing this for a couple of different reasons. One is a personal pride of your special day, and you want to share what has happened. If you have a business where you are taking photos of people that have gotten married, this is one way of attracting new customers. SEO strategies will help people rank these websites very easily, sometimes with very little effort at all. Part of that reason is the lack of competition for the keywords you will be targeting. It could be the name of your family, the place where the wedding occurred, and other keyword phrases that are not that competitive. You should have no problem at all ranking wedding album photos that will not only show up in the search engine listings but also in the image listings on the search engines.

Ranking wedding photos on the search engines are not that hard to do at all. You could start with adding keywords to each of the images before they are posted. You can also optimize the pages that the photos will be displayed on. Both of these strategies will help you get to top positions. Whether you are doing this for your family, or for your business, these SEO strategies will work, regardless of your intent. You will soon see that it is very easy to rank wedding photos for specific areas of the country. If this is something that you would like to do, you should be able to get top positions in no time at all.