Our company teaches individuals and companies that are doing search engine optimization to write stories as a part of their campaigns. You need to think of stories that you are writing as a kind of personal album story. One of the reasons for doing this is that stories convey so much more information than simply writing articles on tips about any topic. In fact, tips are becoming less popular as an online form of content. Stories can hook the reader, motivating them to come back to see what else you have the write. This is very true if there is the main protagonist, an individual that is going through different events, all of which are tied some out together.

What We Teach People How To Do


What we show people how to do is create a compelling story. It needs to be one that entices the reader. It will initially capture their attention, usually within the first 100 words, motivating them to continue reading. It is this same structure that is built into every subsequent article that is posted, whether this is a blog, or if you are doing this on a Facebook page. If the primary goal is to attract loyal readers, people that could become your customers, then you need to know how to write stories that compel people to come back.

How To Incorporate Continuity Into A Personal Album Story


Since this is going to be personal, something about you, or perhaps events related to your company, you need to know how to build continuity into those stories. This is often referred to as a hook, something that makes people wonder what is going to happen next. If you can add a hook at the end of every article that you write, your personal album story will become very popular. It makes people want to know what happens next, and as a result of that, you will continue to get more traffic.